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101 Things You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet

101 Things
You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet

Harmful Foods

There are lots of foods that we enjoy on a regular basis that can be life-threatening to our pets. Store these foods safely where your pet can’t be tempted to help themselves, and be careful not to let anyone offer them to your pet.

9. Chocolate

As delicious as chocolate is to us, it can be very harmful for pets. It contains substances called methylxanthines, which are toxic to both dogs and cats. Dark and baker’s chocolate are more dangerous since they contain more methylxanthines than milk or white chocolate.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center received more than 7,600 calls involving chocolate in 2011. Many of those cases involved dogs, who are more likely to eat chocolate in large amounts. Cats don’t get into chocolate as much because they tend to be pickier eaters. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heart rate, hyperactivity, and seizures.

10. Gum and candy

Pieces of gum or candy can be a choking hazard for pets, so be careful not to leave them lying around. Sugar-free treats containing the sugar substitute xylitol are especially problematic for dogs. Xylitol causes dogs to produce insulin rapidly, which can lead to seizures or liver failure. The effect of xylitol on cats is unknown, but it’s best to keep them away from it to be safe.

Other harmful foods

  • 11. Grapes
  • 12. Raisins
  • 13. Macadamia nuts
  • 14. Avocados
  • 15. Onions
  • 16. Garlic
  • 17. Salt
  • 18. Tea leaves
  • 19. Raw yeast dough
  • 20. Spoiled foods
  • 21. Fatty foods

Dangerous drinks

A cup of joe may get you out of bed in the morning, but caffeine can be harmful to pets. Alcohol can also be dangerous. If you drink either, be careful to set your mug or glass out of your pet’s reach where it can’t be knocked over and lapped up. If you have company, make sure your guests do the same.

  • 22. Coffee
  • 23. Alcohol

Toxic Substances

Real Story+

“I knew when I got home and saw an empty raisin bag on the floor I was in trouble. I called the Animal Poison Control Center, who gave me a case number and told me to get Amigo to my vet as soon as I could. He was in the hospital for three days, while my vets followed the advice from the Animal Poison Control Center.

The ordeal was expensive, and I was so thankful to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance!”

— Sonya V., Worchester, MA

Quick Fact

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