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101 Things You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet

101 Things
You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet


One of the most common ASPCA Pet Health Insurance claims for both dogs and cats are swallowed objects. Small household items or things that can be chewed or ripped apart, like #41 to #60 on our list, can cause choking or damage the digestive tract. They can also get stuck and require expensive surgery to remove.

  • 42. Sharp objects
  • 43. Coins
  • 44. Buttons
  • 45. Batteries
  • 46. Balls
  • 47. Twist ties
  • 48. Rubber bands
  • 49. Cotton swabs
  • 50. Glass
  • 51. Hair pins
  • 52. Jewelry
  • 53. Nylons
  • 54. Paper clips
  • 55. Plastic wrap

56. String and yarn

Cats love to play around with string and yarn, but it can actually be a dangerous activity. They can get tangled up in it, and even strangle themselves as they try to work free. If they swallow some of it, they can end up with an intestinal blockage or tears in their digestive tract. If this happens to your cat, never attempt to pull the string or yarn out yourself, since it could make the damage much worse. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

  • 57. Dental floss
  • 58. Electrical cords
  • 59. Wax
  • 60. Socks
  • 61. Towels

Home Hazards

Real Story+

“Reba, my 2 pound Chihuahua is the love of my life! Unfortunately, she swallowed a piece of plastic that almost killed her. She needed immediate surgery and thank goodness she got through it. The veterinary bills were difficult, but we were relieved to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Without that, the situation would have been so much more stressful.

Reba is doing great and I have my best friend back!”

— Denise K., Denver, CO

Did You Know?

Veterinarians reported that cost affected their clients' treatment decisions in 75% of cases in 2009.* Help make sure you won’t have to make a tough financial decision about your pet’s health with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Learn more.

*DVM Newsmagazine, October 2010

*Sources: ASPCA.org and internal claims data. For details or a copy, contact jennifer.s@hartvillegroup.com.

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