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101 Things You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet

101 Things
You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet

Outside the Home

Whether you’re enjoying some time in the backyard or out on a long walk with your pet, you should be aware of dangers that may be lurking—from potential poisons to tricky areas. Also, make sure your cat or dog always wears a collar and ID tag, which could make all the difference if your furry friend ever gets lost.

68. Algae

Standing water can contain toxins including blue-green algae, which can be fatal to pets. Discourage your pup from drinking out of lakes or ponds when you’re out and about, especially if they have any sign of bluish green scum floating on top. Bring along plenty of fresh water to offer your dog instead.

  • 69. Antifreeze/Coolant
  • 70. Firepit/Grill
  • 71. Fences or gates
  • 72. Deck lattice
  • 73. Non-pet safe de-icing salts

74. Compost

Composting is a great idea for the environment and your garden, but can be trouble if your pet gets into your compost bin or area. Not only can your pet make a big mess of it, compost can contain harmful, moldy, or spoiled foods that can cause issues from minor tummy upsets to more serious seizures.

  • 75. Gasoline
  • 76. Oil
  • 77. Pesticides
  • 78. Fertilizer

79. Pools and Hot Tubs

Keep an eye on your pet when the pool or hot tub is open, and keep it safely closed or gated shut when not in use. Pets can fall in, and even pets who are good swimmers can drown if left unsupervised. They might also drink the water, which can contain harmful chemicals like chlorine. If your pet does take a swim, be sure to give a good rinse off afterwards to prevent skin irritation.

Home Hazards

Real Story+

“I didn’t know it, but my cat Quintino was drinking water from the bottom of my plants. I had used a dirt/fertilizer combo product, and my poor kitty went into kidney failure. He survived but only after expensive treatment.

This is what finally prompted me to get ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and I have loved it ever since! I just wish I had done it sooner.”

— Carolyn Ann S., Jacksonville, FL

Did You Know?

Our least expensive Level 1 plan covers all sorts of accidents from broken bones to poison ingestion. Try us risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee if no claims are covered. Protect your pet today!

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